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Are You an Effective Speaker?

Why is it that we could listen to some people for hours and others we tune out after only a few minutes?  To illustrate this, think of the last time you were at a conference and the different presentations you … Continue reading

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3 Easy Steps For Rapport Building

Rapport building is essential for all salespeople, but if you want to be great it’s essential to have additional training in this area.  So today I wanted to share with you three easy rapport building steps to help you connect … Continue reading

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Handling Objections

Many sales people get unraveled thinking that when a customer says no its time to quit. Instead, I wanted to walk you through a few simple steps on how to handle these objections so you hear the customer out and … Continue reading

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Adapting Your Sales Style

A vital component in sales is clear communication.  The video today I’ll share with you how to adapt your sales style for different personalities.   If we can tailor how we communicate to how our customers prefer to receive information we … Continue reading

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Closing The Sale

How to close a sale.  Your customers expect this, but as a sales professional you must do it to be successful.  Depending on your industry and the personality of your customers you need to be able to adapt to what … Continue reading

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Sales Road Warriors

Does the thought of packing a bag for business travel make you cringe?  Thousands of Americans do it successfully everyday but other just can’t help themselves from delays, bad hotel experiences, wasted downtime, and forgetting the TSA 311 rules.  These … Continue reading

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Sales: What Is A Good Question?

Being a good salesperson is a lot like being a good detective.  You need to ask a lot of good questions.  The reality of asking a good question is practice and preparation.  This is an essential sales and life skill … Continue reading

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Four Ways To Hit Your Sales Goals In 2012

Happy New Year!  Now go sell. Now that the holidays are in our rear-view mirror, it’s time to plan for another year of success. What worked for us last year isn’t necessarily going to work for us this year, so … Continue reading

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Sales: Don’t Catch Too Many Small Fish

As a kid I have great memories of summers camping and trout fishing with my dad.  I didn’t care how big the fish was but tended to have more fun when we were bringing something back to camp.  It was … Continue reading

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Winning In Sales Is About Being Great

You do not have to be a pro athlete or a supermodel to excel in sales, however you do need to be GREAT at what you do.   Sales is a type of game that if not played correctly can leave … Continue reading

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