Sales Is About Connecting With Customers

I have been in the field of sales for over 14 years now and one thing hasn’t changed.  People buy from people they know, like, and trust.  I think it’s fair to say we all cringe when a solicitor calls during dinnertime or when a stranger rings our doorbell.   Lately it’s been a young man or woman trying to sell magazine subscriptions for around $40, but instead of receiving it they are kindly going to donate it to some charitable organization. They usually have a great pitch and can handle most of my objections, but what separates this salesperson from the thousands of other sales professionals that wake up everyday and hit the office?

I believe its trust.  Great salespeople know as much about their customers as they do about their own family or friends.  Building these relationships with your customers takes time, patience, and persistence.  You need to be in the game for the long haul, customers can read between the lines when you are more interested in making the sale than partnering with their business.  Trust is not something that is spoken but is earned by your behaviors and actions over time.

A great book that I read a few years ago was by Harvey Mackay, he talks about the Mackay 66, sixty-six things you ought to know about your customers.  If you keep a file on your customers like he recommends I truly believe you will know your customers better than their own friends and definitely the competition.  You see, it’s that emotional connection or relationship that tears down those barriers we automatically put up when we see those solicitors in our doorway.  For example, when I think of all my best clients over the years they tended to treat me as part of the office or family.  I was usually greeted with a smile and a handshake when I walked into their office (Trust me this is a lot more fun than getting a door slammed in your face).

In closing, customers are not just buying our product they are buying us!  So if you are looking to have sales excellence, you better find ways to make personal connections with your customers.

So what did you think?  You can share your comments below,  Thanks!


About Jason B Douglas

I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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2 Responses to Sales Is About Connecting With Customers

  1. anthonymagro says:

    Well said Jason. Great sales people are able to create rapport through a geniune interest in their customer. If your intention is to solve a problem instead of stitching them up with another product… you will build a level of trust which will ensure repeat business. Trust is earned.

  2. joshbesso says:

    Great job Jason. I strongly believe that building a genuine realationship with your customers is key to any repeat business. I really liked the part when you stated, “Trust is not something that is spoken but is earned by your behaviors and actions over time”. In order to gain trust you must put in the time and effort.

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