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Does the thought of packing a bag for business travel make you cringe?  Thousands of Americans do it successfully everyday but other just can’t help themselves from delays, bad hotel experiences, wasted downtime, and forgetting the TSA 311 rules.  These are things frequent business travelers just don’t have time for.

So why are some of us so bad at traveling?  The problem stems from not being familiar with our surroundings and making decisions with poor information.  For those looking to stay in your “normal” routine I created an Elite Eight List to make your travel more enjoyable.

1)  Get a Smart-phone:  I use my mine to catch up on emails, find a restaurant, listen to music while I workout, Skype my family, and check to see if my airline is running on time.

2)  Pre-Packed Essentials:  I have a carry-on bag that I use for every trip and I keep my toiletry essentials in Ziploc baggies to expedite the TSA process.  I never have to worry about forgetting a razor or toothbrush because it’s never removed from my bag.

3)  Carry-on Luggage:  This has been the biggest time saver of all.  While everybody else is waiting at baggage claim I’m typically on my way to my first clients office.

4)  Join Hertz #1 Gold:    My first rental took 20 + minutes before I got the keys, multiply this for a weekly traveler and you have lost productivity.  With Hertz #1 Gold you walk right to your car and drive away without visiting the rental counter.

5)  Find a hotel and stick with it:  When I travel I have specific needs because the products I carry need to be refrigerated.  After a few stays at the same hotel, not only will they know your name but they will accommodate any specific needs you have.

6)  Sign up for their rewards program:  The more you travel the more perks you will get.  Perks include: free internet, complimentary room upgrades, and free stays that you can use for your family.

7)  Airport Parking:  I try to park at the same place every time.  Park at the top of the garage, there is always space.  This way I’m not wasting time rolling my bag through the entire airport parking lot.

8)  Go to the gym:  You will feel refreshed and it gets you out of your room.  A pair of gym shorts and tennis shoes is really all you need.  I typically bring a newer pair so I can wear them out to dinner or anything else that gets me out of the hotel.

I hope this helps any salesperson who is new to weekly travel.  Please let me know about any thoughts or comments you have below.

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I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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