Closing The Sale

How to close a sale.  Your customers expect this, but as a sales professional you must do it to be successful.  Depending on your industry and the personality of your customers you need to be able to adapt to what makes them most comfortable.  Remember you are building a relationship here for future sales from this customer.  This isn’t a one and done transaction, if it is you are probably not doing what is right for the customer.

If you read my previous article, Four ways to hit your sales goals in 2012 you don’t need to be pushy because your “Funnel” is full of prospects working their way down to the sale.  A close is just the next logical step after all the information has been presented to the customer showing how and why you and your product are a great fit for their company.

How to Close?  Start with a trial close: Now that I’ve shown you how this product can be of great value to your company is there any reason why we couldn’t move forward? These leaves the door open for any objections the customer might have.  Then be direct after all the objections have been handled.  “Since you are in agreement that this product is of great benefit for your company I just need you to sign here (always have paperwork and pen in hand).  Then talk to the customer about followup and the next step of install and delivery.


About Jason B Douglas

I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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