Adapting Your Sales Style

A vital component in sales is clear communication.  The video today I’ll share with you how to adapt your sales style for different personalities.   If we can tailor how we communicate to how our customers prefer to receive information we will be more effective in their eyes.  We will focus on four different personalities today Driver, Expressive, Analytical, and Amiable customers.

“Drivers” are fast paced, always in a hurry, and don’t liked to be slowed down.  To communicate with them we need to bullet point are presentations with minimal details.     “Analytical” customers need all the information before they make a decision.  Bring in a trade journal and show them how your product has improved efficiency or reduced cost by 34% when adopted by these companies.  “Expressive” customers want to get to know you, make sure you have an interest in them, and then you can talk business.   Lastly, “Amiable” type are tough because they’re so nice they don’t want to reject you instead they keep telling you they are interested but never buy.  With these personalities its best to talk about others in their industry and show them how their peers have been successful using your product.


About Jason B Douglas

I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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