Handling Objections

Many sales people get unraveled thinking that when a customer says no its time to quit. Instead, I wanted to walk you through a few simple steps on how to handle these objections so you hear the customer out and create a long-term relationship.


PAUSE- This gives you time to collect your thoughts.  ACKNOWLEDGE- Thank them for sharing the objection with you.  CLARIFY – Make sure you interpreted what the customer said correctly.  RESPOND –With what your answer or solution is to their objection.  CLOSE or continue handling objections.

Example of handling an objection:  Pause, Acknowledge: Thank you for sharing that with me, Clarify:  if I understand correctly you can’t purchase until next quarters budget?  Customer says yes, Respond: “We can deliver it next week but the billing won’t start until next quarter, will that work for you”?   Close:  “I just need you to sign here and then we can have the equipment delivered next week.”


About Jason B Douglas

I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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