3 Easy Steps For Rapport Building

Rapport building is essential for all salespeople, but if you want to be great it’s essential to have additional training in this area.  So today I wanted to share with you three easy rapport building steps to help you connect with your customers.

Step 1:  Be alert.  Your customers office has a wealth of information if you pay attention to what is right in front of you.  There might be a frame of where they attended a university, pictures that speak of family, social interests, volunteer work, and other signs of what is important to them.  These all create important background information that will help you develop a better relationship.  Trust me only their closet friends will know the things you do about them.  Also, be sure to take notes and refresh your memory before every customer interaction.

Step 2:  Break Bread.  I feel that nothing breaks down relationship barriers faster than sharing a meal with someone.  If they are too busy for lunch meet them early in the morning for coffee.  This will not only give you time to address the business you want to discuss, but give you time to get to know your customer on a personal level.

Step 3:  It’s O.K. To Be Friends.  Just because someone is a customer doesn’t mean that you cannot nurture a meaningful friendship from them.  Some of my best customers have become my friends over the years.  You obviously can’t force the issue here or you might be considered a little annoying.  However, I live in Reno and love the outdoors.  I enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding, and camping.  It should be obvious that I will have a lot in common with customers that have similar interests and this can be a foundation of any friendship.

I hope my three steps to rapport building was helpful and please feel free to comment below.


About Jason B Douglas

I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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