Are You an Effective Speaker?

Why is it that we could listen to some people for hours and others we tune out after only a few minutes?  To illustrate this, think of the last time you were at a conference and the different presentations you listened to.  Each person was different and unique with his or her content and presentation style.  However when you are spending your time and money there are important question to ask yourself.

1) Was the speaker memorable?

2) Did they share a plan of action?

3) Did they motivate you to change something?

4) Would I recommend this speaker to a friend?

4) Were they so boring you starting checking email?

The fact is that many speakers spend a lot of their time on content and telling their story of why their technique, information, or argument is something interesting and worth hearing.  However, some speakers lack one thing…engaging their audience with PASSION.  If you read my previous blog, I talk about how communication is 60% non-verbal (body language), 30% pitch and tone (How you say it), and only about 10% verbal (what actually comes out of your mouth).  So while that 10% can be very good information, if the other 90% isn’t captivating you have failed your audience.

So if you are one of the speakers that send your audience straight to their Smartphone, I have a few tips to share.  Remember we can all improve our weaknesses and turn them into strengths with a little dedication and hard work.

1)   Try smiling, this will help you connect with your audience.

2)   Practice, Practice, Practice, if you are not looking at your audience but                                       instead at index  cards you will seem unprepared and they will turn on you quickly.

3)   Record yourself – You want to know what you look and sound like to others.

4)   Dress professionally – Don’t make this a distraction.

5)   Have a peer critique you, then thank them with a lunch to hear the feedback.

6)   Listen to other great speakers and write down what you like.

In the end the more you practice, speak on your topic, and listen to others the more confidant you will become.  All of this will delight your audience and increase your ability to effectively communicate with them.

Let me know your thoughts on this by commenting below.

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About Jason B Douglas

I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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