Writing Your Sales Resume: Part 2

A resume is basically an introduction; think of it as the abstract portion of a journal article.  You want it to be short and sweet and have just enough information to peak the hiring companies interest enough that they want to continue the conversation and find out more about you.  It’s also a sorting tool to narrow down the hundred or possibly thousands of resumes they get for every job posting they put on a job board. A great resume is not going to get you the job or the compensation you are seeking, but it gets you an invitation into the game.  Many young representatives or graduates make the mistake of putting too much personal information on their resumes that is irrelevant to the job.  If you are seeking a sales position, companies don’t care if you were in a fraternity or sorority in college or a part-time ice cream scoop at Baskin Robbins.  Your one page resume is “prime real estate” and you don’t want to dilute your strengths by putting everything you’ve ever done on there.  You need to focus on the information that proves you are capable of being successful in the position you are seeking.

If you are a young graduate and you do not have much professional work experience I have a great tip for you.  Think in terms of how you did your job better and what the end result was.  If you were a waiter while attending college quantify how you increased  say table sales.   Maybe you were a standout and you were able to increase sales 30% because you always closed  the customer on buying dessert or coffee after dinner.  So even though you lack experience proof like this will show off your potential.

Furthermore, if you are not a recent grad and you have some experience under your belt present your accomplishments like the table below.  If you can provide hard numbers like these, this is your golden ticket to having numerous companies courting you to join their organization.  If you do not, don’t fret, you now know what top salespeople are bringing to the table so set your goals high and go after it.

Example:  Full Year Sales Results

Year Bonus Regional Ranking National Ranking
2008 23,458 57 / 200 243 / 1000
2009 28,521 43 / 200 197 / 1000
2010 32,343 15 / 200 68 / 1000
2011 35,551 03 / 200 23/ 1000

Please click this link for a great example of a one page resume.  I hope this lesson on how to write a resume part 2 was helpful.  Please feel free to comment on how you have found success with your resume writing techniques below.

“Great Selling is when planning, hard work, and opportunity all come together.”


Credit for images: Golden Ticket, Resume


About Jason B Douglas

I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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