Rep + Manager = Success: Part 2

My last article talked about how managing your budget effectively can increase your sales.  Today, we take a deeper look into the resources a manager has at their disposal to make you more successful in your territory.  At the end of this post you should see the value of helping your manager achieve their goals, because in the end their goals are your goals!!

Sales Management Goals:  Increase market-share, increase units or volume, managing budgets, talent management, and leadership.  Furthermore, these functions are performance indicators on how sales management is performing.

Sales Representatives Goals:  Anything a sales representative can do to improve himself, his territory, and career is a fundamental norm that a good rep addresses everyday.  However, the “Best Reps” not only help their territories succeed but, are able to LEAD and help others on their team succeed.  Managers understand that in order to be successful they need “Buy In” from all their representatives.  If you are able to lead by example and model what a manager is asking for, you have created “Behavioral Gold” for the management team.

Top Ways To Lead and Help The Entire Sales Organization:

  1. Lead Conference Calls on what you are doing to achieve success.
  2. Role Play at meetings what “Good” looks like.  Whether it is how you analyze data, pitch your product, interact with your customers, or collaborate with your team members these tips will not only help your sales skills out but it will give you needed exposure within your organization.
  3. Involve key support staff to meetings where appropriate.  This will help you build relationships with key people outside of the sales arena.  You might need technical, financial, or human resources to help you with the many challenges that can come up during a sales cycle.
  4. Volunteer and say “Yes” when leadership needs help for special projects.  If you want to ooze organizational committment then be supportive in as many ways outside your normal job function as possible.
  5. Mentor someone who is new to the organization.  This will show you have coaching capabilities and that you are interested in leading your own team one day.

I hope this post showed you a few new ways of partnering with your manager to be more successful in your organization.  If you’ve had a similar experience or have an opinion about working with your manager please post a comment below.


About Jason B Douglas

I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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