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I hop on a plane most weeks to visit my customers in Las Vegas.  By now TSA, Hertz, Marriott, and Southwest Air know my name, face, and my travel preferences.  Some weeks I feel like George Clooney in “Up in the Air” without all the one night stands and nights at the bar.  On good days my flight is on time, my name is on the board at Hertz, my room is ready and I make it through the airport without TSA doing a full body search.

Thank god I’m still happily married and my two young kids sort of understand that daddy has to go away again on business.  I am only able to do this because I have a wonderful stay at home wife and full-time mom that takes care of the rest.  All I have to do is make sure I’m performing at my job and school (pursuing an MBA) and my wife takes care of the rest.

Traveling can be tough on marriage and children because you miss some of life’s little moments from tucking a kid in bed to showing your son encouragement when he shot the ball and it didn’t hit the rim.  Below are some suggestions to keep things good at home so you’re not burning yourself out.  Plus, being married has its advantages.  Compared with married people, people who are widowed are 40 percent more likely to die, people who are divorced or separated are 27 percent more likely to die, and people who have never married were 58 percent more likely to die.  A lot of good reasons  if you are married to take my advice below.

  • Be Present:  When you are home you need to be there mentally.  Try and finish up your work before you get home or after the kids go to bed.
  • Communicate:  Let your spouse and kids know what your demands and schedule are so you can plan things around them.
  • Routine:  They will adapt better if you stick to the same schedule and know when and how long you will be gone.
  • Technology:  Phone calls are great but many nights my kids text me (i-touch, they don’t have cell phones yet) or Skype me before they go to bed.
  • Workout:  Instead of eating a big heavy meal and going to the bar, hit the gym.  Even after a long day this rejuvenates me and helps me sleep better.  I like to accomplish as much paperwork as possible on my trips so when I get home its family time.
  • X the Bar:  Don’t hang out at the bar all night.  You’re wife will be happier to see you when you’re home, you won’t be hung over and perform your job badly, and you will look and feel younger that most people your age.

Well I hope you enjoyed my post on how being a “square” can keep things personally and professionally on track.  Let me know your thoughts below or what you do when you travel for business.

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