Who Is Your Modern Day Goliath?

Part 1:  How To Beat Your Goliath

Ford has Chevrolet, Coke has Pepsi, Apple had IBM and David had Goliath.  My point being successful companies (or biblical stories) have their very own adversaries that threaten their profits and existence.  Capitalism creates the marketplace that rewards innovation. Whoever makes their product or service better, faster, or cheaper than their competition wins.  Every morning these companies go to battle to grow their profits, execute their strategic plan, and  stay ahead of one another.

In actuality these companies are doing each other a service.  Competition is the hallmark sign of capitalism, the free and open markets are ruthless.  This forces companies to be “fit” by always looking forward, analyzing the changing business environment, customer needs, and your competition.

I drew the analogy of “who is your modern-day Goliath” because it is a healthy part of your sales career to have an adversary.  Nothing gets me up in the morning and makes me hungrier than knowing my competition is doing the same thing.  My goal is to outlast, outsell, out-learn, out-relationship build, out-work, out-demonstrate my product, and out-create value for their business than my competitor.

Another important point of You vs. your Goliath is have faith.  Create your business plan and stick to it.  As hard as it may seem in the battlefield of sales, things change quickly.  Your #1 competitor often gets promoted, moves out-of-town, or changes industries.  You never know what’s going on inside their personal or professional life that might create change.  I have been my customers #2 choice many times and that’s o.k. They are loyal to their current sales rep, but as I stated the rep won’t be around forever.

Part 2: How To Beat A Goliath Account

  1. Outlast:  See your plan though and outlast your competition
  2. Sow: Big accounts take time, hard work, and patience
  3. Build: Business relevent relationships
  4. Understand:   The customers needs
  5. Bread and Butter:  Hit your quota with prospects that are ready to buy or grow existing accounts.  This will allow you to be patient for the Goliath account.

Please share below an account or competitor that was a tough adversary in your sales career and what you did to beat the competition.

Goliath Picture


About Jason B Douglas

I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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