Plan B: The Recession Still Exists

The great recession that started in 2008 started a chain reaction that most Americans couldn’t imagine.  After living through some of our most affluent times in history we now live in neighborhoods where for-sale signs are hard to miss and having conversations with friends being laid off is far too common.

I’ve always worked for large corporations and up to this point I have been fortunate to leave on my own terms.  However, working for large corporations has taught me this, my network of co-workers care about me as I do them, but the larger organization has to be financially responsible.  What this means is that if things go bad, and as we’ve seen they do, good even great people get laid off.  The numbers have to make sense.  Do you know how much you are costing your company in salary and benefits?  If you work in an industry that has lagging sales because of poor product innovation or the recession you better know your worth.

I always figured that if I was selling $1,000,000, a year in product for my company then I was worth my expense as an employee.  Well 75% of us got laid off later that year so I was wrong.  The company felt $3,000,000 per territory was a better number.  No hard feelings here, I just didn’t calculate correctly and it was a tough time for a lot of my friends.  However, my numbers might have been wrong but I did see this big change coming.

I didn’t like the feeling of a being lame duck and wanted to have a Plan B. 
This was a great motivator to go out in the community and find out my worth.  You know what they say, ” It’s always best to look for a job when you currently have one”.  Recruiters have a nose for candidates who reek of being laid off and often there is a stigma to overcome, fair or not.  So, if you are getting that feeling that your current job is in jeopardy talk to your peer group and customers to see which companies are doing well and start building your network.

Top 10 Recommendations For Staying Employed

  1. Start looking while you have a job
  2. Great business people have a network in place, build yours today
  3. Build your brand – Get a professional photo of yourself for the online world to see
  4. Utilize Social Media to network
  5. Create a blog on what you are passionate about
  6. Twitter – Tweet content about your industry to your peers.  Industry news not what you had for breakfast
  7. LinkedIn – Have your resume posted here
  8. Google+ – Way to network and post content
  9. Facebook – Keep it professional.  Employers are looking at your profile
  10. Google yourself and see what the search finds.  If you don’t like it you may need to contact a professional service like Identity Guard.

Let me know what you’ve done during the recession to stay in the job market.

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About Jason B Douglas

I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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