Building a Winning Team

Part of success is proper planning, and if you’re a manager you have your all-stars, average but still good, and then reps on the edge of non-performance.  Well if you could get everyone on the all-star level you certainly would be an all-star manager. We all want to be on winning teams. This is sales, winning teams get more recognition, more money, raises, bonuses, awards, etc.  In this post we’ll focus on how to take an average team to a winning team.  A lot of it depends on the managers attitude and motivating the reps to do their best work.

“Toxic Reps”  One HUGE issue that must be dealt with swiftly.  A rep that doesn’t value the team, the manager, or the organization can be very harmful and well “toxic” to everyone else around them.  These people need to go because negativity breeds more negativity.  You want to surround your organization or team with positive people who help others work with each other to achieve and exceed their goals.  A great example of this is a committee I work on in my sales organization. The team consists of one rep per team that is in charge of sharing positive behavior in the territories in our district.  We call it “Inspires and Motivates”.  We recognize reps that are going above and beyond in their jobs functions.  This recognition breeds more creativity, sharing, and fun in our workplace.

However, as a sales manager you will be faced with situations where a rep doesn’t want to  change.  To deal with the situation effectively you usually face one of the two options below.

1. Manage the rep out:  This can be time-consuming, harmful to trust on the team, and may not be necessary just yet.  Make sure its more than a conflict of personalities and seek to understand the employees point of view.  I have been witness to many good people leaving an organization, but then again there are three sides to every story; theirs, yours, and the truth.

2.  Coaching Plan:  This lets the rep know that they are valued but need to improve in key areas.  Being fired is not a surprise when someone is on a coaching plan.  It is a process, if a rep values their manager and organization they will stick to the plan and work harder than they ever have before to show their manager what they are capable of to help the organization reach its goals.  If the rep doesn’t have it in them or cannot meet the obligations of the plan then it will be no surprise to the team or to the rep that they are no longer part of the organization.

What are your thoughts on building a winning team?  Do you think everyone that isn’t performing their job functions deserves a second chance?

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I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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2 Responses to Building a Winning Team

  1. I have always focused on building a self managing team. Team being the operative word here. We are only as strong as our weakest link – their is NOTHING more effective than pressure from your peers to perform. No one wants to be the odd man out.

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