Average to Awesome!!

Average is an attitude.  If you do not love what you do you probably show up to work on time, leave at 5:00pm, and do the minimum while your on the clock.  Your aspirations are to be average and collect your bi-weekly paycheck.  This not only spikes managers blood-pressure but is more common in sales than you think.  So how do some sales people do it?  How are they top performers in their industry and on their team?  Selling is not always the slick story or the beauty queen.

In my experience I keep coming back to a few key traits:

  1. Work Ethic
  2. Tenacity
  3. Discipline
  4. Passion
  5. Teamwork

So how do you bridge the gap from Average to Awesome?

  1. Work Ethic:  Sales is a numbers game.  The more you sell the more you make.  You have to work more, especially in the beginning to build your client base.  You need to show up to the office early and stay late.  Decision makers for the products you sell are typically early risers and its best to catch them at 7:30 am in the office before the receptionist shows up for work.  Furthermore, 9-4 are the “Golden Hours” of seeing your customers face to face.  If you are prospecting for more clients than your peers, you will create more business.  However, if you are in the office doing paperwork during those hours you are only taking care of a smaller potential number of clients and you will be average.
  2. Tenacity:  Sales is a full contact sport and is not for the easily bruised ego.  You will hear NO more than you hear yes and that is o.k.  You will develop thick skin to rejection and move onto the next client.  Like I’ve said in previous posts its nothing personal, people do business with people they know, like, and trust and it just doesn’t happen to be you right now.
  3. Discipline:  Do not model your efforts after a 4th of July firework show. Big and bright but fizzles out too quickly.  Your territory can get routine, your product is old news, and your pitch gets stale.  You need to focus on your customers needs and just because you’ve talked about something a 1,000 times doesn’t mean your customer has heard it or remembers it more than once.
  4. Passion:  If you do not believe in your product your customer certainly won’t.  Stay motivated and know that every time you’re in front of your customer they are evaluating you and your product so put on a smile and make sure you leave them in a better mood than when you walked in the room.
  5. Teamwork:  You need to be able to play well in the sandbox.  It’s great to perform, but what’s more impactful than that?  Being a leader on a team and helping others achieve your common goals.

Do you have any thoughts on going from Average to Awesome?  Please share them below.

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About Jason B Douglas

I am a results driven sales professional helping others elevate their sales.
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2 Responses to Average to Awesome!!

  1. Tim Mushey says:

    Great post Jason! I loved your key traits! I don’t hear the word tenacity enough. I think I will start to use it more 🙂 Take care…

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